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Sep 28, 2012 1:10am PDT
education. >> the dark world of education that, i would be very pleased if that were the outcome. >> stephen: you write about this, did you dover it to see what it was like. >> no. we pay a pa to do that and then we-- . >> stephen: no! that is wrong. that is wrong. you get the interns to do it for free. (applause) when the series is over are you going to be glad to have the character out of your head. >> yeah. in all honesty, yeah, i'm going to miss the series like crazy. it was light inning the bot nell the sense that i work with the best damn cast in tv, brian and aaron, wonderful. >> stephen: brian cranston, i went back, actually, brian cranston is so great, i went back and watched the prequel to this, malcolm in the middle and it is-- creepy to see that character with kids it is spookier in some ways. >> yeah. >> stephen: so you spent all your time making these wrong moral choices for these characters. does it affect you. is it corossive on your soul, are you -- >> i was brought up catholic. >> stephen: i was brought up catholic too. and it suck. now i assume that means are y
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Oct 2, 2012 7:00pm PDT
education necessary to check our e-mail. the problem is, america has lost its good manufacturing jobs to places of cheap unregulated labor like china, vietnam, and the gulag beneath disney world. faster, chakor, they're running out of mickey pretzels. now how-- how is the u.s.-- mickey. (laughter) all for mickey, please don't sue. now how, how is the u.s. supposed to compete with countries where workers toil for pennies an hour? luckily, one company that has found a way to keep manufacturing right here in america and they bring us to tonight's word. (cheers and applause) supply chain. folks, tonight i am happy to share a success story. it's a little company called unicor that does 900 million in business annually making bedding, blankets, table linens, circuit boards, prescription eyewear, and solar panels. and all at low cost for sizable profit. how do they do it? volume. also, prison labor. after all, prisoners are some of the most skilled manufacturers. i mean who else can make a toothbrush and a lunch tray into a cross bow. now folks,ed federal bureau of prisons founded uni c
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)